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Melery Industry Co.,Ltd

Address :Shenzhen Pingshan District Pingshan Street No. 6 Community Baoshan Second Industrial Zone Building 2 Feixi Joint Stock Company Plant 201 

CEO: Sean Xiao 

Wechat/WhatsApp: +86 15816862943   

Tel: +86 755 25320687 




Melery is a company dedicated to the smart home industry, with a focus on producing high-quality smart switches, sockets, and bulbs. Our brand story is rooted in the innovative, forward-thinking mindset of the Western world.

At Melery, we understand that technology has the power to enhance our lives, and that smart home solutions are an integral part of this vision. Our team is composed of experts from a variety of fields, including electronics engineering, design, and marketing, all working together to create products that seamlessly integrate into daily life.

Our approach is guided by a commitment to individualism, rationality, and linear thinking, traits that are deeply ingrained in the Western psyche. We value critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and evidence-based reasoning, and we strive to create products that reflect these values. Our brand name, Melery, is derived from the English word "Melody," symbolizing our desire to bring a harmonious, beautiful rhythm to people's lives through our products.

Through our e-commerce platform on Shopify, we make our products accessible to customers worldwide, allowing more people to experience the convenience and comfort of a smart home. Our goal is to become a leader in the smart home industry, by continuing to innovate and prioritize quality and customer service. We believe that our commitment to individual initiative and self-reliance, combined with our data-driven approach to decision-making, will enable us to achieve this goal.

In addition to our commitment to innovation and quality, we also prioritize user experience and customer feedback. We understand that smart home technology is only truly effective if it's easy to use and seamlessly integrated into daily life. That's why we place great emphasis on user-centered design and iterative testing, to ensure that our products are both functional and user-friendly.

At Melery, we also believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration. We work closely with other companies in the smart home industry to share knowledge and best practices, and to explore new technologies and trends. We also value our relationships with our customers, and strive to create a community around our brand that fosters open communication and feedback.

Overall, Melery's brand story is one of innovation, quality, and customer-centricity. We believe that by combining the best of Western thinking and logical style with our passion for smart home technology, we can create products that truly enhance people's lives.